Scogen Advisory

Dr. Prof. V V N Kishore

Dr. Kishore's strong suit is in his over 3 decades of vast and practical experience in the broad area of renewable energy utilization- covering basic research, product/process development, field testing, technology transfer, execution of turnkey projects, policy research, consultancy, training and capacity building and teaching. A highly published doctorate, he has eight books, 160 publications in journals/conference proceedings, numerous reports, 30 products/end-use packages and eight patents to his credit. He was a visiting fellow at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA and a consultant for the World Bank and for Winrock International, Washington

Philip Bridges

Philip is the founder of Ambient Energy, LLC, and his expertise ranges from analyzing and developing commercially viable waste streams, to the design, construction and commissioning of advanced thermal distillation systems employing Scogen's M3RP® technology.

Philip brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of resource recovery/waste management with particular emphasis on thermal conversion processes. He has served seven (7) years as a public administrator in solid waste management and over 30 years of work experience in research and development leading to commercialisation of projects throughout the world. Having held senior positions for private companies throughout his career he provided guidance and direction in the development of advanced recycling technology (thermal distillation) for tyres, post-consumer plastic and municipal solid waste. The American Plastic Council endorsed advance thermal distillation technology, which Philip was instrumental in developing, because of its safety and innovative features. This led to several spin-off projects in the private/public sector that Philip supervised including R&D programs to advance the commercialisation of thermal distillation technologies.