Energy Calculator

The M3RP® Energy Calculator can be used to find indicative values of the energy producable with the waste generated in your premises/plant. You can enter your own values or choose to import sample values after selecting the type of feedstock.

Please note:

  • The sample values are only indicative based on our prior experience. You can feel free to modify the sample values to suit your feedstock composition.
  • The calorific values of each composition are estimates and must be confirmed with analysis.
  • Combined calorific value is the weighted average of each individual components of the feedstock.
  • Moisture content of the feedstock must not be more than 15% for efficient transformation.
  • Fixed Carbon Percentage, Mineral Matter (ash content) and Moisture Content are typical values, but must be confirmed with an ultimate and proximate analysis of the waste stream.
  • Once you have generated results, you can modify the averages shown instead of modifying the full table of values to see how results are affected.

Please enter the following details to activate the calculator: