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Scogen BioSwirl Media

Scogen® BioSwirl Media Based Waste Water Treatment

A biological treatment facility can be operated as suspended growth process or attached growth process in anaerobic or aerobic condition. The choice of treatment depends purely on factors that make the economic feasibility.

Most plants until the last century had its attached growth process using structured packing and some fluidized media of MOC in PP, HDPE or PE. These media were derived from chemical process industries using it in the scrubbers as tower packing. In scrubbers of chemical process, the emphasis was on low pressure drop but maximize the surface area for a given volume, for improved efficiency and lowering energy requirement. However, in a biological process, increase in surface area although increases pressure drop, MOC being heavier than water, such as the Scogen® BioSwirl, is found more suitable for fluidizing in the reactor to offer fully wetted surface.

Advent of fluidized media for attached growth in Scogen® BioSwirl Media, as the MOC is heavier than water, proved that the cell count and cell viability considerably increased two to three fold as compared to the conventional activated sludge process. Most have still not experienced the advantage in converting a batch process to continuous process utilizing media depending on the flow conditions to the collection facility. Activated sludge process that needs constant attention is regular supply of food – waste water, maintaining cell count and cell viability. In most cases the viable cell population never crosses 35% of the cell population.

Attached Suspended Growth Process

Scogen® BioSwirl Media introduced in to the suspended growth process remarkably improves the cell count and viability. This in turn enables the system to respond to variable flow, higher organic loading or no food for long periods. Shut down and restart of the reactors are easy as media supports attached growth. Scogen® BioSwirl media shears biomass continuously maintaining large viable cell population. The advantage of this process enables the designers to offer systems that can be a batch convertible to continuous or vice versa to suit any adverse flow conditions.

Advantage of Attached Growth Processes

The Scogen® BioSwirl technology offered for the waste water treatment combines the advantage of a batch reactor with a continuous flow reactor fully automated to harness power of the cultivated biomass on the random media. The system gives you, at one shot, a technologically superior, constantly and consistently efficient, enormous cost effective, and practically maintenance free plants designed for absolute ease of operation, flexibility in throughput and sustainable saving on capital and operating expenditure.

Differences between Scogen BioSwirl Media and Regular media

Advantage of Attached Growth Processes

  • >700 m2/m3 surface area
  • Specific Gravity >1.01 (sinks in water)
  • No. of pieces per m3 – 9,500 – 11,000 approx.
  • Oval shaped media
  • MOC – Thermosetting resin – density – 1.35 kg/m3
  • Media sinks in water – 100% wetted surface
  • 7% to 10% of percentage fill of liquid volume of aeration tank
  • Maximum temperature – 55° C
  • Avoids sludge recirculation
  • Hydrocarbon resistance – Very good
  • Non-clogging
  • Non degradable MOC
  • Lower transportation cost and investment

Regular Media

  • 380 m2/m3 surface area
  • Specific Gravity – <0.98 (floats in water)
  • Number of pieces per m3 - 70,000 approx.
  • OD – 25mm
  • MOC – PP/HDPE - density – 0.7 to 0.93 kg/m3
  • Reduced wet surface caused by floating
  • 30% to 50% of percentage fill of liquid volume of aeration tank
  • May clog with prolonged running
  • Sludge recirculation necessary
  • Higher transportation costs
  • Higher investment due to more media for same application

Salient features of Scogen® BioSwirl

  • Increased cell count and cell viability
  • Reduction of HRT resulting in higher throughput.
  • Operational throughput flexibility.
  • Eliminates sludge recirculation.
  • No requirement of bacterial replenishment.
  • High efficiency mass transfer ensures viable population of bacteria.
  • Swirling shears dead bacteria from the media
  • Low sludge production.
  • Fully Digested sludge from aerators.
  • Thin bio film on media maintained always due to swirling.
  • Media is not ejected from the water surface.
  • Process Guarantee*

Scogen® Diffusers + BioSwirl

Southern Cogen Systems Pvt. Ltd., Scogen®, founded in 2001 in Chennai, India with a principle business of manufacturing and selling waste water products in India.

Gradually Scogen® has become one of the main suppliers of India for your waste water treatment secondary aeration systems.

As a complete solution provider for solid waste and waste water systems we rank second to none in design engineering and process control. Patent pending products and continued in-house innovations allow Scogen® to be abreast with technology and market scenario. Extensive experience and market presence provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability.

  • Sold more than 500,000 diffusers in India alone, making Scogen® BioSwirl media complementary to the existing products.
  • Scogen distinguishes itself by providing flexibility and reliability in customer service.
  • The "all India" employee, agency and distributor network enable clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and time requirements.

A combination of Diffusers and Scogen® BioSwirl comes with a process guarantee* for WWTP's aeration tanks.

  • Scogen has a strong customer base and is strengthened with repeat orders from at least 70% of these customers.
  • Adherence to stringent quality with response time.

The current launch of Scogen® BioSwirl media is after the successful operation of many plants using such media and a need for new and innovative biofilm from existing customer base of Scogen’s aeration business.

*only with Scogen® aeration & equalisation tanks design