About Us

With all the research being put into renewable energies at the start of the 21st century, another important realization was gaining mainstream traction. That our planet is not renewable. The notion that the Earth would simply ‘bounce back’ from rampant industrialization held few takers. And our team, standing at the cusp of a boom in environmental innovations saw a way to do their bit.

Over 30 years of experience in combustion technologies laid the groundwork for the inception of Scogen. A pioneer in the waste water treatment industry, our diffusers were one of the first to enter the Indian market. Quickly growing from a customer base of 5 in 2001 to commanding the lion’s share of the market, we were well poised to further complement our aeration products.

Returning to our roots in combustion technologies, we started examining the possibilities of a new system that could replace the then popular gasification process. We had come to the understanding that gasification was turning obsolete due to newer more efficient biomass to energy conversion methods. This led us to the invention of the M3RP®, the Material Recycling and Resource Recovery Plant, that can transform any carbon based feed stock into oil, gas and carbon char.

In a span of 3 short years, we set up and were successfully running our first demonstration plant, registered our patents and sold three more plants. Today, our knowledge and experience in the highly competitive world of waste management has given back much more to our core business. We were able to produce world-class diffusers at affordable prices.

We rely on our strength of application engineering to ensure continuous innovation. We currently have 3 technologies at a going-to-market implementation stage.

Our Vision is to mitigate the negative impact of humans on the environment by introducing innovative and sustainable technologies.

Our Mission is to be an end to end solution provider in the fields of waste water management, solid waste management and energy conservation through continuous innovation. We strive to deliver the highest quality products at the right price.