Advanced Thermal Distillation technology carrying CE ATEX rating and HAZOP compliance

Scogen offers a clean and innovative waste disposal solution that transforms carbon based waste into fuels such as oil and gas, carbon char and other inert materials. This is the technology that could solve the problem in India of waste management – a hundreds of thousands of tons a year problem or that of the world. Waste that would otherwise just become a part of the many landfills can actually be utilised as a resource by the M3RP® technology. The by-product fuels can eventually replace fossil fuels. Importantly the fixed carbon in the waste is captured as pure carbon char and is not allowed to be converted to CO2.

Our M3RP® technology is protected by international patent and has gained a reputation for low downtime and a consistently high level of engineering with safety compliance of EU standards. The best proof of this technology lies in the energy and cost savings that has been envisaged by our customers all across the world based on the testing in India.


The Technology

Using an innovative process of advanced thermal distillation, waste is decomposed into non-harmful products as tested from feedstock in the Scogen M3RP® at India. One of the advantages of the Scogen M3RP® technology over the competition is the association with Aker Powergas (a part of Aker Solutions, Norway) for detail engineering- making it one of the only ATD systems of its size to be CE ATEX rated and HAZOP compliant. Rigorous revisions have taken place to the HAZOP based on actual performance. HSE management has been accounted for during the engineering of the product.

The Scogen Advantage

  • Completion of HAZOP on your particular waste stream
  • Inclusion of HAZOP recommendation in the engineering
  • Flexibility in feed-stock
  • Engineering for sound HSE norms
  • Redundancy offered for minimal downtime
  • Leading warranty, runtime and safety details on parts used
  • User friendly PLC-based system that provides complete MIS of the plant
  • Not catalyst based therefore not dependent on vendors for catalyst or costs of catalyst disposal.
  • Adhering to PCB/Environmental norms

From Waste to Value

Scogen along with it's various partners and collaborations can offer a complete Waste to Value solution for municipalities and waste management companies.

The most important step for Waste to Value of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) prior to the M3RP® is pre-treatment of such MSW. This treated MSW is converted into either Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Refuse Fuel (SRF) using equipment that makes up the process as shown below before pelletized waste enters the M3RP®.

The pre-treatment process is safe, efficient and completely automatic. The entire process including the M3RP® is shown here below. Please contact us for more information.

Additionally click here to calculate the energy and quantity of the products from your specific waste stream.

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