M3RP® Material Recycling and Resource Recovery Plant

Patented Advanced Thermal Distillation technology carrying CE ATEX rating and HAZOP compliance

Sustainable technology for waste disposal for municipalities and waste-management companies. Our proven technology is self-sufficient yielding oil, carbon char and gas which can be used and sold as fuel upon processing.

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Diffused Aeration Products + BIOSWIRL MEDIA

Time Tested High Quality Waste Water Treatment Technology

From long life tubular and disc diffusers to anti-fouling coated membranes specialized for aggressive effluents, our products come with the promise of 24 hour seamless after sales support turnaround.

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Scogen Ultrasound Reactors

Low frequency, high energy ultrasound technology for sludge disintegration

Revolutionary technology using ultrasound cavitation to increase the efficiency of an existing bio-digester by increasing biogas generation, reducing retention time and sludge generated.

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Our Values


Providing highly detailed and fully tested engineering solutions


Strict adherence to rigorous quality control and management


Visionary innovations spearheading development towards sustainability

About Us

We were founded with the vision to bring technological advancements to the market towards being the market leader for environmentally sustainable solutions in the waste water and solid waste management industry.

Our mission is to be an end to end solution provider for energy conservation and waste management in the industry. At our core, we aim to provide energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and services at affordable prices.

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Scogen Capabilities

  • Disruptive Innovations at go-to-market stage
  • In-house world-class engineering capabilities
  • Manufacturing and testing facilities
  • Track record of bringing new technologies and solutions to the market
  • Patents protecting Scogen's technologies
  • Research & Development

Our Clients